DD Services

DD Services(Demand Draft)

A demand draft is a written order, signed by two authorized officers made by the drawer (issuing bank) to a drawee bank to pay a specified sum of money to a Payee upon presentation of the instrument.

  • Available in most currencies of the world with unlimited amounts.
  • Originated by account or non-account holders.
  • The buyer is provided with an advice of purchase together with a demand draft cheque.
  • Commission charges are to be levied.
  • Transfer facilities are available worldwide.
  • Demand Draft is being refunded in case of loss after receiving a stop payment notice from the correspondent bank, or can be refunded on presentation of original draft on request.
  • Commission charges are to be collected on stop payment or cancellation.
  • Valid for three months.
  • Demand drafts are easy to cash from the banks.
  • They are considered security instruments.
  • There are payment arrangements in most countries.
  • They are easy to carry, contrary to the cash notes.

OUR Features

  • Available Money Transfer & D.D facility in low comission.
  • Gold Loan & Gold purchasing loan facility available.
  • Audit Class ‘A’ organisation.
  • R.T.G.S facility available.
  • Deposit Locker facility available in main branch.
  • Savings account daily interest.

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